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My name is Dawn. I am the founder of Di Cartel; A line of amazing class and style and one that you will hear much more about-I promise you that! I'm going to take you all on a journey with me from the start. I'm going to share my ideas, my mistakes, the trial and errors and eventually, my success! So hang on...it's gonna be an awesome ride.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Starting Out

Some people know when they're young or at high school or college age that they are going to go into the field of fashion and set all their goals around that. They go to school for art and design and major in that area. That is the most ideal scenario, however, just because you go to school for something, doesn't make you a professional. As most people are aware, it takes a more "hands-on" approach to really get the concept and it's at that time that all the concepts of the studies come together and make sense. In this case, I encourage anyone that realizes that this is what they want to do early on in life to go to a design school and learn all you can about the field and build on that foundation by apprenticing and/or working for a professional so as to really learn all you can before venturing out on your own. (some people don't want to be on their own and in this case, they will work the back-drop for someone else by just designing or something outside of the public eye) There are other people who are just born talented and fashion savvy and in turn, require little to no direction. They are the type that can pick up a piece of paper and pecil and just sketch out a snapshot of some unique vision of what they want to create and BOOM! there it is!! Then there are people who have the 9-5 job and they're in their mid early to mid 30's and one day they wake up thinking "I'VE GOT IT! I'M GOING TO DESIGN A LINE OF CLOTHING! I CAN FINALLY INJECT ALL THIS PENT UP ENERGY INTO SOMETHING I LIKE!! why didn't I think of this sooner...??" Haven't come across anyone like that?? Now you have! Style and fashion have always been interesting to me but I didn't say to myself.."When I grow up..." I litereally woke up one day and thought "Wow...with the right tools and a lot of devotion to stick it out, I may just have something here. This is EXACTLY what I've been wanting to do and I never even knew it...better late than never I guess...But where the hell would I even begin??" How about the basics for starters...

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